Learjet 464 Juliet


All I can say is WOW!!!!, what a book. All Lear pilots should buy and read this book. Read it slow and absorb every sentence. An adventure of a lifetime. Mr Wood came upon this bird along the coastline of Columbia and became obsessed with her instantly. You will be gripped with his story the moment you open his book and read the one page insert he includes in it. Once you read it, you're hooked. I was!!!!
Joe Gonzales
San Antonio Texas

Bobby, when I called to discuss cam selection for a customer's Harley Davidson I had no idea of your background beyond drag racing and hi performance Harley components. I don't remember but, one of us mentioned flying and you told me about 464 Juliet and the book. Captivating.... absolutely captivating from the Preface to the last sentence. Not only is the book a true account of your experiences in Colombia with corruption and graft at all levels of government but, a true testament of your faith in God. Your writing style draws the reader into the events making it very difficult to put the book down. I read it cover to cover in four days...... completely captivating. I agree with a number of others who suggested 464 Juliet would make an outstanding "HBO type mini series"
Mike Hancock
Trinity, NC

Great read! Loved this captivating story! taylorreneewood@gmail.com

Bobby My brother Dave, Interstate Junction, handed me 464J and told me to read it. I’m so very thankful that he did! A fantastic read, I read it in a day and a half! I could not put it down! A true testament of the power of faith, honor, and shear determination. The obstacles placed before you, culture, governments, corruption, and especially death, were truly daunting. You are a wonderful spokesman for the power of God and prayer! Thank you so much for your story! God Bless you and your family!

Bobby Wood, I just completed reading your book Learjet 464 Juliet. It was riveting! Every chapter I read left me in suspense, bringing excitement for the next chapter. I am not a daily reader, but I couldn't put the book down. I completed it in four days. It was a great read for me, especially because it was a true story. The authors faith, determination, and positive character is to be admired. I think this book would make a great movie, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Tony Aiello California

Absolutely LOVED reading the intriguing story of Learjet 464 Juliet. To say that this book keeps you riveted from page to page is an understatement. Being an entrepreneur, I completely “get it” when it comes to a dream becoming an obsession that eventually (after a lot of pain and heartache) becomes a reality. Sometimes it’s hard for others to catch your vision or even make sense of it when a project captures your imagination and you are committed to seeing it through, no matter what. I felt the emotion and angst when reading the descriptions of the delays caused by the culture's lack of urgency. Also noted was the aggravation caused by the deception and greed of many of the parties that had to be engaged during the odyssey to bring 464 Juliet home where she belonged. If I could change one thing about the book, I would have loved for it to have included at least one more chapter as an epilogue to describe the events after Juliet made it back to the U.S.A. Was she restored to like-new condition? Was she sold to the highest bidder who was looking to score a much coveted aircraft? Is she still in service today? All questions I would love to know the answer to. Wonderful read!
Bryan Knox

Wow what an amazing experience that must have been!! I was on the edge of my seat through the whole book and couldn't put it down!! Man i had no idea about this part of your life. How scary that must have been for all of you. This book was fantastic and I tried to imagine being there and it's so incredible that you kept your composure through it all. My hat's off to you my friend. I truly enjoyed meeting you and touring the shop. Love the planes! I must say I'm very curious as well as to what happened to Juliet. Do you still have her? What was her fate after all you endured to rescue her from certain death. I'm dying to know!! Please!!!!

Sincerely, a friend and really big fan,
Durwood Thompson (Woody)

Hello Bobby, I just finished reading this amazing saga and I am so thrilled that by GOD’S will you not only survived but accomplished the seemingly impossible!!! Having lived and flown out of South Florida for the past 47 years and been witness firsthand to the craziness of that era I can truly appreciate what it took to succeed where so many others had failed. The Lear 24 was the most fun and challenging airplane I ever flew and also one of the most beautiful. Thank you for saving this amazing bird from a sad and certain demise.
Larry Davis
Jupiter, Florida

Bob, I finally finished reading the book like I promised you I would when you gave it to me at Sturgis last year. I don’t know how you maintained the drive, determination and patience to see it through but you did it. Most people would have given up, including myself. The book was super detailed and I felt like I knew each person in the story. Some more pics of everyone would have been nice to include in the book so I could have put a face with each character. It left me wanting an additional chapter as well. I wanted to know what happened to 464 Juliet after you got her back to Florida, like how long did you keep her and where is she now and so on. Also, did you ever pay Aldo the remaining money you owed him? I wouldn’t have. He got way more than he deserved. Anyway it was a joy to read it and I hope to see you and the other Bob in Sturgis this summer!


I read your book 464 Juliet and had to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I Just cannot tell you all the emotions that went through me reading 464 Juliet. This is a wonderful book and you are a wonderful author and a very kind person that has been on a unusual life journey.
Loretta Frost
Pell City, Al

I just finished 464 Juliet and WOW what a ride. Absolutely captivating story brought to life in your book! The attention to detail was amazing and the suspense kept me turning the pages.
Wishing you no more “mañana syndrome”. Thank you for sharing your story!!!
Monica Riggins

464 Juliet was an awesome read. I don’t sit still long enough to read very much and I had a hard time putting this book down. Bobby is a racing hero of mine and one of my other passions is aviation so I feel that I can relate to him a lot. That made the book more interesting for me personally but regardless of that it is a fantastic read.
Thank you Bobby!
Dave Giles
AA/FA 605

I enjoyed the book very much. I hope others will read and be as proud of your dedication and resourcefulness as I was. Your friends that joined you in your quest to free 464Juliet must have made you very proud and humble, friends like that are rare.
Bravo to all.
Paul Wolfe

I just wanted to let you know I finished your book last night. I could not put it down. Thank you again for sending me a copy, it was amazing. I’ll fly with you in a plane with a nose full of rocks anytime!

I would love to hear about all the “un-included” details one of these days. Let me know when you have time to chat.
Michael Belcher
Automotive Division Manager
Akrapovic America
36 Waterworks Way
Irvine, CA 92618
949 679-3491 main
949 208-0933 direct line

I’ve never met you, however, after reading 464 Juliet I feel like I know you. I cannot thank you enough for your prayers and thoughts and now, especially sending me “Learjet 464 Juliet”. I couldn’t put it down – waiting to see what happens manana! Interesting to know that when the box was delivered I was here at home. My former husband is a pilot and I spent over 20 years at Spirit of St. Louis airport as he increased his type ratings (ATP) from prop jets – my favorite King Air to Hawker, Beechjet, 6-3 and Lear. I thought the box was inadvertently sent here from Lear. But when I opened it I couldn’t believe it – an autographed, “Blessed” book written by you. Awesome!! And I love Lear’s. As his wife, I got to “tag along” for many trips so I already had some knowledge. I couldn’t wait to get started reading. You had me on the edge of my “pillow” and at one point I was there with you… well several times. Especially when you were retrieving the AVQ radar indicators – a gun pressed to your head – God was right there with you – he had to be. The entire book – how you lived through all of it, the determination you had, your strength and courage, unbelievable… but true. I was a wreck getting you to Aruba… ha. Every time when I thought “okay, this is it… finally!” another obstacle. Sort of like life in general. I am passing the book around (to close family only) until it is released, then I will buy copies as gifts. Yes, the book is that good! I must mention that your wife, Terry, is a saint! Since being diagnosed in May of 2009, my cancer has been gone. A very small (little finger nail size) piece came back in December of 2011 on my liver (outside) right lung. Limited and very small. One Three-day round of chemo left and that should be it! Because I do believe in God, I believe in myself and yes, I will make it (with God’s grace) happen! Clean and clear, you bobby wood, are a remarkable man! An inspiration to all. I expect to see you on the national news shows in TV sharing your experience, strength, and hope with the world via Learjet 464 Juliet. You and yours are on my daily prayer list – please keep praying for me I will not give up, ever!
Warmest thanks,

Just to recap- I was having dinner at a friends, and saw N464 Juliet on his coffee table. Being a private pilot(?), the cover peaked my interest. The host told me a little of your background and that made me realize that we were roaming the streets of Birmingham about the same time .So, I borrowed his copy and read a few chapters that evening. At 9AM the next morning I settled in a comfortable chair and started reading, , 8PM I closed the book, absolutely exhausted !!! I had been on every flight and rutted road with you, loathing every snake you had to deal with and cheering the good guys. DITTO to all of the superlatives in previous reviews-movie a must-truth more exciting than fiction. But from your observations regarding the children and poverty in Columbia, Bobby, I know you have wonderful heart. I now have a copy of 464 Juliet for my book shelf and a copy for my aviation friends. I look forward to flying your 182 simulator and a ride in your new 182 !!!
Best regards
John Dunn
Westover, AL

Bobby Wood’s new book: Learjet 464 Juliet is a riveting account of a man who is unwilling to let go of a dream even if it means certain death. At every turn he is faced with one obstacle after another which he must surmount. It’s not till the very end of the book do you find out if he succeeds or fails.
As I read through Learjet 464 Juliet I kept thinking this is such a visual book, it was like I was right in the moment with Bobby and his crew. As a novel it stands alone but to make things even better this book is based on Bobby's real life adventures in Columbia during 1980 which until now couldn’t be published.
You might ask why it couldn't be published until now? Well after you've read the book you will fully appreciate the sensitive nature of the information being revealed within the pages of Learjet 464 Juliet. Without a doubt this is one book that needs to be made into a motion picture.
I highly recommend Learjet 464 Juliet to anyone who enjoys fast paced novels filled with suspense, intrigue and adventure. It was a truly rewarding read and well worth my time.
Steve Johann
Producer of The Hog Radio Show

Hi, Bobby:
I want to thank you for “Learjet 464 Juliet”, I just finished reading it but first the “latino” preliminaries (Ha,Ha): I want to wish you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous New Year, 2012, and may God Bless you all...

Bobby, I really enjoyed every page of the book, reading it intensely as if I was there because I could really appreciate it. I was there in Santa Marta in National Jets lears several times while “Juliet” was there, I saw her with all the tires flat, I think that I have a picture of her next to my plane (one of NJI's 24's) as I recall, I just have to ask my wife to help me find that picture. I know that on one occasion I went down there on an air ambulance charter with this lady whose husband had been injured in a plane crash too. They took her to the hospital in an ambulance along with a doctor, and nurse but when I went upstairs to file the flight plan they started hassling us, saying that we did not have permission, and so forth, although I had the telex from Aerocivil in Bogota in my hand. A guy who in my memory very well fits your description of Barrata came out and said “that Learjet is not going anywhere”, and told the guards to “push it back next to the other one”. Well, they didn't as I immediately went to the terminal to call old Tom Boy in Ft. Lauderdale, and I think that I myself called Major Otalora, the D.O. of Aerocivil in Bogota to straighten it all out, although they still said that we were supposed to land in Barranquilla first to clear there before we proceeded to Santa Marta. Well after we had it all cleared out we waited for about three hours for the ambulance to get back but guess what without the patient nor his wife. They told us that we had permission to leave but that the patient was not going anywhere that day. So we left, and later when I asked the Doctor what happened he told me that from what he could make out the patient's wife, although she had brought some cash, started passing out hundred dollar bills but before she knew it ran out of cash before any serious money cut get into the big honcho's hands, and they denied his release.
I always hated to go to that Santa Marta hellhole, every time that I went upstairs to file the flight plan it looked like those guys up there were on dope, their eyes were always so red as I recall. I always tipped everybody good but although I speak Spanish there always seemed to be some problem or another, they looked at me like they always wanted more money.
The last few times that I was in SKSM, after Juliet was gone, was with this customer that NJI had, this tall good looking Colombian lady who lived in New York, and spoke perfect English. Her name was Marlene Davila, and she told me that her father was the Mayor of Santa Marta. Every time as she got off the plane there she started passing out twenty dollar bills to everybody, and on those flights everything went very smooth for us.
But like I said I really enjoyed every page of your book as I recognized some of the characters there such as Cowboy Jackson, Mel Cruder, Red Gargaly (this is the right spelling of his name, I know because he gave me my CFI back in 1968).
Thanks again for the book, and may God bless you, and your family.
Dan Diz
Weston, January 9, 2012

Hey Bobby,
I absolutely loved your book. I read it in one day and it was the best book I believe I have ever read!
I couldn't put it down I just kept wondering what was going to happen to you next. Even though I knew the ending since I see you every week at the shop. I kept thinking is he going to be able to get back to his wife and children.
Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
Linda Oliver,
Gilreath Printing & Signs, LLC

Hello Bobby,
I just finished reading Learjet 464 Juliet. Once I started reading the story, I couldn't put the book down. The way you told the story I felt like I was there with you, drinking Coke and eating fries, Ha. Ha. The more I read, the more I enjoyed the next twist and turn at every corner. It shows that when you want something bad enough, its not impossible, but you get out what you put in to it. Thank you and Terry for sharing your story, I read it in two days. I thinkthis would make a great movie.
Ray and Rhonda Sweeten

Wanted to tell you I finished reading your book "464 Juliet" and I am totally wrung out. Truly enjoyed the pleasure and related too much to some of the frustrations you went through. Thanks for the privilege of being able to read your book. Can't say I never put it down once I started reading it.
I will say that I lost some sleep staying up reading way past my usual bedtime. I hate to have a good book end, makes me have a kind of lost and lonely feeling. Hope to see you at the Ashville, Al. Slasham Valley Irregulars Flying Club before long. I am bubbling over with questions.
Warmest Regards,
Tom English

WOW! What a good book. When you told me about your book and the troubles you went through to free Juliet from Columbia, I knew it would be interesting. I am amazed at your determination and resolve not to give up in spite of everything from government corruption to organized crime. Once I started reading I didn't want to stop. In addition to making Harleys go fast you are an excellent wordsmith. This makes me hope you will one day write a book about your racing career. Thanks for letting me read the book.
Allen Bishop

You have turned a truly trying experience into an absolutely enjoyable read. Having spent a little time in the Middle East and experienced the original version of "baksheesh"...(the grease that allows the wheels of all business to turn), it seems that the Colombians had raised that thousand year old custom to a new world art form. You clearly have the patience of Job which probably explains why you flew her out where the previous "suitors" failed. Couldn't put it down...a great story for any aviation fan.
Cliff Dawson
Town & Country Ford


Just finished reading your book. Also I couldn't put it down either. Even though I knew the final outcome. Tears came to my eyes when you described Terry's reaction. Her tension and stress was palpable and now she was finally at peace. Also you were a little too kind in your description of her tolerance.
Love Brenda

I really enjoyed reading “Learjet 464 Juliet”. I couldn’t wait to get back to the book to find out what would happen next and if you would be able to get 464 Juliet out of Columbia. It was so interesting the way you described all of your problems with the government, judges and lawyers and how everybody had their hands out for payoffs. I’m really glad you finally met a lawyer who was able to help you. I thought this was a great book.
Thank you,

Loved the book. Thanks for giving it to bob. I usually don't read nonfiction books but this one I couldn't put down. I felt like I was with you. The anxiety of all the problems and counting the days till the plane left kept me on my toes. I would lose track of time while reading it. It was an awesome journey for everyone involved. Do you still have her? Thanks again for letting me read.
Bob and Lynn Conger.
Conger Machine Fremont,Iowa

I'm impressed Bobby. Very well written, interesting all the way through even suspenseful at times. Thank you for letting me read it, I will recommend it to everyone.
Lee Moore

All I can say is wow! and wow! I read quite a bit and I could not put this book down. I had several dreams after some nights of reading the book and being there and in tight spots and scary places. I was not surprised at your determination and eventual success Bob. With our conversations and dealings over the years I know you to be a man in front and ahead of the pack. I also admire your family for always being there for you. That is truly a blessing.
Thank you
Dave Roisen
Interstate Junction Motorcycles
Albert Lea MN

Congrats Bobby
What a great book. Very inspirational. Shows how anything can be accomplished if you want it bad enough. Its hard to believe how different other countries work from ours. The U.S. Has its problems but ill take in over anywhere else in the world. Thank you for writing and letting me share your adventure with you. Its really cool to know a little background about one of the heroes of the sport i love so much. The book was riveting.

Couldnt put it down and now my mentor is reading the book and so far has the same opinion. Thanks again for one of the best books I've ever read. Thanks,
Jamie Burkholder
Precision V Twins
Nesbit, MS

Wow, just finished the book and what a read. The story is intriguing and keeps you wanting more as the plot unfolds. Amazing how a person with a strong will and desire to succeed can get you through the most difficult of times! I need a epilogue to know what happened to 464 Juliet. Can't wait to see the movie, wonder who will play Bobby? Nick Cage!!
Greg Kelley

Very good book. Really enjoyed reading it. It is a wonder you made it out of that country alive. I can see you telling them all where to go as you left out the final time. Terry asked if there was anything I would like to see added or taken out after I read the book and there were a few format changes I'd make. Put a list of the players in front of book, court orders in back. Loved the book though you did a great job telling your story.
Charlie Burch,
Moody, Al

Bobby Wood is a recent friend and fellow pilot I met while working on my airplane at the Pell City, AL. / St. Claire Co. airport. When Bobby mentioned his book was being published I would pester him for a copy whenever we would have lunch together. “Learjet 464 Juliet” is not only a lesson on determination, patience and the courage of one man but also the corruption in Columbia.
I enjoyed Bobby’s writing style, and the fact that he keeps the reader involved, excited and sometimes angry, I kept cheering for Bobby’s success throughout his adventure. I’m a member of the Cessna 150-152 Club and will recommend this book to the other members.
Don Fenton

I loved the book, Amazing story. Author has great attention to detail the entire time I was reading it all I could think was this story would be a great movie. Todd Ginn

Hi Bobby,
Want to thank you for the “Learjet 464 juliet”. I absolutely loved the book, it was very hard to put it down. It always kept me wondering what was going to happen next, I really felt I was there with you going through all the Columbian crap… I couldn’t believe all the delays they kept putting you through, it seemed every time you had all the paperwork inline, it was something else. It goes to show, if you have your heart set on something, there is nothing to stop you. I’ll be waiting for a movie, or maybe a second book you come out with….
Thanks so much Bobby, best wishes to you and the family.
Dr. Jim (Jim Jr)
Cycle Visions

Hey Bob,
Thanks for a great book. I read it in two days because it always kept you wondering what would happen next. The timeline and attention to detail is incredible. Now I know why we always eat at Steak N Shake.
You are truly a meat and potatoes kind of man. Learjet 464 Juliet proves that any goal is attainable though determination and hard work.
Thanks again,
Mike Catalanoto
Mike Cat’s Cycle Works
New Orleans, Louisiana

Lear Jet 464 Juliet; a very fascinating novel that held my attention from cover to cover. This story is a story for possible future movie. It is loaded with intrigue, determination, greed, double cross, scam, adventure, despair, fear, and joy. A story filled with unbelievable obstacles that would have driven a normal person insane. I would recommend this book to everyone that has a love of aviation in any way. Also to anyone that loves an action packed true story of one man's dream. To acquire an aircraft that he desired so much that he placed his life on the line to obtain his goal. I'm left some what exhausted wondering about the aftermath of the whole adventure.
Lakin Cross

What a great adventure! Great read and thanks to Bobby Wood for sharing his captivating story and “making it happen”. Donald P. Dufresne, Esq. West Palm Beach, Florida

Awesome book Bobby read it start to finish in 2 days with some sleep in between.
Steve Gaines

I just finished Learjet 464 Juliet by Bobby Wood. The author takes you on a fact filled trip of the pitfalls involved in dealing with the military and the government of Columbia when trying to remove a jet plane from their country. Let me stress on the term fact filled. Bob had to endure what's called the Dinero Syndrome all the way through the book to the end.
Everybody has their hand in your pocket and nobody's in a hurry. How Bob could remember all of the details in his struggle to free this plane is beyond me. Also the bullshit he had to put up with while trying to remove this plane legally. He never mentions in the book about heartburn, but I'm sure that Alka-Seltzer and Tums stock rose off the chart. If you've ever had a desire to visit Columbia this book might change your mind. Very interesting. I think I'll go have a Coke and some French Fries.
Paul Hannan

I enjoyed the book very much. I hope others will read and be as proud of your dedication and resourcefulness as I was. Your friends that joined you in your quest to free 464Juliet must have made you very proud and humble, friends like that are rare. Bravo to all.
Paul Wolfe

Thank you Bobby for such an excellent book. I could not put the book down. I was always wanting to know what was going to happen next. Thank you again.
Martha Elliott

Mr. Bobby, the book was a great read. Thanks for chopping it up in shorter, easier to read chapters instead of long , drawn out chapters that go forever. I'm a fan of "secret history" and this book reveals a lot of "secret history". American cops and servicemen are angels and saints compared to those in Columbia! It also showed how down and dirty our federal government can be. The actions of the judges and lawyers in Columbia just reinforces my opinion on that particular profession worldwide. The book also showcases that our government does things that we think only other governments do! Anyway, a great book that should be made into an HBO mini-series! Alan Shaddix

This was an amazing book - about organized crime, corruption in government and red tape that can be endless. It was VERY hard to put down and to think that this is a true story! Bobby Wood is a true Christian and a smart business man - the perseverance he and only he had to conquer this major feat. O, what games greedy people will play - but Bobby found a way to come out the better person. Very good read - will recommend to my friends for sure. Mary Smith

Bobby, I absolutely loved your book! I am a very busy mother of 3 with a full time job, so getting to read is rare for me, but I couldn't stop reading this wonderful story. This life story is truly inspirational and very suspenseful! I think this should be a movie! Thank you for allowing me to read this book, I am very impressed by the motivation and faith you have to accomplish your dreams, and the patience your wonderful wife has. This was truly a blessing to read, kept me on the edge the whole time wondering what was gonna happen next, but also very inspiring with a true life lesson at the same time. The last sentence was the perfect ending. I would quote it, but someone may read the review before the book and.. well, my advice is get it and read it for yourself, you will not be disappointed! Thanks again Bobby for sharing this with the me! I absolutely loved it! God Bless, Misty McCutcheon

Bobby, I am an avid reader, mechanic and a pilot. It is not often that I find a book so engrossing that I can hardly stand to put it down. I finished it in less than two days. I felt like I was there, right alongside of you during the entire adventure. The imagery was so vivid I could feel the dusty streets under my feet and the dagger-like stares of the corrupt officials. I have often driven by aircraft boneyards and think about bringing one of those beauties back from beyond. I was immediately caught up in your quest to repair and recover the stranded Juliet. Just the excitement of not knowing is she could be ever be made to fly again would in itself made for a great story. Add in the international intrigue and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. If this story weren’t true it would not be believable.I would fly with you in a plane with a nose full of rocks any time…………. Michael

I just wanted to write a note about your book 464Juliet. I have not read a novel since high school but I was enthralled with this book I finished it at about 4am, excellent read. it has been a few weeks since and I read your book and I still think about it. What ever happened to 464Juliet?

Bobby, Just finished your book, wow! I could see you and feel your frustration and helplessness all along the way. Although I’ve never been to two Santa Marta, I don’t think I’ll be going. It is a good feeling that even in a place so corrupt that you can still find a couple good people that you can call friend. I couldn’t help thinking while I reading that this would be a great movie. The book described the situation so well it was like a movie playing in my head! Thanks for the ride, Joe Snell

Thank you Bobby and Terry for sending us Learjet 464 Juliet, it was not a fast read for me. I just finished it,I wasn't sure till the end what would happen, I kept telling Bruce he is not going to get that plane out of that crazy country. I believe your wife must be a saint. The story was intriguing. I will miss Raul and all. Sharon

Bobby, what a great read! I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. Your determination was incredible, I think anyone else would have given up long before. I hope you write another book, maybe your top fuel racing career or some adventures you have had in the motorcycle world? You have a great talent in your writing, I thoroughly enjoyed it!Thank you, Justin Sampson

What an amazing story!!!! Bobby Wood calls it nonfiction, and as this story unravels, you can see why, and why it took this many years before the story could be told. The corruption, both political and underworld. The unbelievable corruption in Columbia and the underhanded dealings in our own Government. As this story continues, one can see Bobby Wood's faith. Faith in himself, and his faith in God. His determination comes through when he explains “Plan B” if his “Plan A” does not work out for 464 Juliet. It is written in the style of a personal diary and I could not leave the story for long, wanting to know what the next day, next night or next week might hold in store. The great accomplishments, and then numerous setbacks with the only explanation because “That's the way things are done here.” Then having to deal several times with people that might possibly kill you any minute! His leadership shows when his team tells him they would be willing to go with him. You'll have to read it to see what he does. ...High Desert Mike

Bobby, Just finished your book and really enjoyed it. You can see from the recent scandals involving the Secret Service that Colombia hasn't changed a bit since you were there. We're not hearing the real story of course, but it seems likely that Obama didn't pay the proper bribes and they found a way to screw him. I would like to know what happened to the airplane, I couldn't find any info at all on the FAA site, does that mean it's now history, or are you saving that story for another book? Thanks again for a great book.... Doug Smith

Dear Bobby,
Wow! I just finished reading 464 Juliet. I think this is the only book I ever read that I found myself thinking about before I sat down the next night to continue reading. Our backgrounds are amazing familiar. I spend four years building nitro engines from 1970 to 1974, then five years as a commercial plot for a side business I had, and then five more years doing undercover aviation work for the FBI. Then thirty years in the insurance business with continual dealings with Lloyds of London. During the first part of the book I tried to figure out exactly what was involved, and then the last part of the book thoroughly convinced NO ONE could ever get the jet our of Columbia. When I looked at the wording of the final chapter “Juliet’s flight to freedom” I couldn’t believe it! This is truly an incredible book. Hats off to you and your family. I only hope some day this could be made into a movie. What a thriller that would be. Thank you again for some of the finest reading I have ever had. Bill Sowle
Bill Sowle Vice President

Hi Bobby,
It’s been years since I last saw you. As Jim Boy’s son-n-law I have been around the South Florida aviation scene since the “Seventies”. I always remember you and your company as one of the finest. The world has really changed since then. I’m not sure it’s for the better and it sure is nowhere near as exciting!. There are many stories from around these parts that though true, are hard to believe. Seeing the names of Mrs. Swimmer, Bill Everett and Red Garglay was a kick. Bill gave me a letter one day and ordered me to go take the A&P exam. He is quite a guy. The first airplane I signed off, crashed on the way out to the taxiway!. ,There were some really good folks at the FAA back then. I remember being hit up on every flight to Mexico and Colombia for fees with different prices the difference being whether you got a receipt or not. Reading the Saga of N464J reminded me what my life was like every time we had a flight down south. God Bless the USA!
I finished 464 Juliet last weekend and could not put it down. I hope people give it a read and take a trip along with you into the fray and beyond. They will not be disappointed!

Thanks for the ride!
George Fredlund

Dear Bob,

I was very interested when I seen you were putting this book out. I am not going to lie I haven’t sat down and read a book since high school, so I figured it may take me awhile. I couldn’t believe how fast I read this book! I seriously could not put it down, I couldn’t wait to get home from work each night and stuff my face back into this book. All I can say is what a crooked &$&$*(*&)(&()*^$ing country. I could not imagine trying to go through all of that. The money, stress, etc. I really was sucked into this book the whole time. the only problem I had was trying to keep everybody straight. there was a lot of people you were dealing with. about 3/4 of the way through I pretty much had most of the people down on who they were and there roll in this mess you went through. very excited to meet you in a month and talk about this book with you. I have also passed the book on to some family to read. hope they like it, I sure did. thank you
Justin Grobe

Bobby, When I got home after the Cincy MC show I curled up in my favorite chair and I immersed myself in 464 Juliet. I really couldn't put it down. I thought perhaps my experiences with you at Thomson drag raceway was influencing my interest as the book unfolded (not so). I have two pilot friends in Memphis that I sent the book to. Jim Ross is a Navy retired Blue Angel and current MD11 pilot for Fed Ex. Joe Kaferie is a retired True Temper ex. Joe and I were partners in a Turbo Bonanza which we kept at the drag strip for years. Both Jim and Joe really enjoyed your book finding it as I, difficult to put down. Joe went it on to Bob Doss of Gold Agency fame (another pilot) residing in Tucson, Arizona. Bob and I have stayed close over the years. Bob will send you his reflections on your 464 Juliet adventure as well. I certainly wish you the best with the book and in life. What an adventure 464 Juliet became. the depth of corruption is very hard to understand and believe. As a citizen of the U.S. who grew up in rural country, a Ford line mechanic and a drag racer who became a drag strip promoter. What a great country this is. Hopefully the young people of this country will pass on these advantages to future generations. Bobby, you are a real credit to the USA as well as an inspiration to our generation. Thanks,
George Eisenhart,
Driver "the Crockett Rock" Offshore Powerboat, World Champions, 2012

Sitting in Wichita after dropping off a Citation at the service center, thought I would let you know how much I enjoyed reading Juliet. Just can't imagine the frustration of dealing with the "dinero" and"mañana" syndromes. Great writing.
Travis Sampson
Logan, Ut

Hi Bobby This has to be one of the most interesting books I have ever read. The dedication and determination to free 464J from Columbia was unbelievable. I will recommend this book to all my fellow pilots and friends.Looking forward to the movie in the near future.
Thanks for a great book,
Scott Sorrels

Bobby, Thank you so much for passing this book to Mike A.(UPS man) I am neither a pilot or speed junkie but, I wanted to be both by the time I finished your book. OMG, what an incredible journey you had. I began to feel every high and low with you. I truly admired the determination and attitude you had with every obstacle you faced. Most people, including me, would have just thrown up their hands in frustration. Great read. P.S. Actor Josh Lucas would make a good Bobby Wood in the movie 🙂 Looking forward to a sequel.

Janis A.

Hi Bobby. Like some of the other reviews have stated, once you pick up Learjet 464 Juliet, it was very difficult to put down. Personally, I wouldn’t have gone through what you did to get the jet, but it says volumes about your determination and ingenuity. It is one of the best books I have ever read and definitely the best non-fiction book I have come across. When is your next one coming out???
Matt Raines

This book is absolutely amazing! I was not reading books from front to back for a while because nothing was holding my interest. My husband Dave brought this book home and said that I may enjoy it. Oh yea! I barely put this story down. It was an incredible adventure and an amazing journey to have experienced. I enjoyed being able to experience this journey without really being there. The Author has shown that one man can be so determined to conquer his goal. It's freaky how close he comes to visiting the lord. Let me tell you, this would be a hot movie. Even after reading the book I would have to watch the movie with only one eye open; at all times! Wow, I give his wife and family credit for all their support, patience and love through the quest. Dangerously good and very well written! I recommend this book to anyone who needs some excitement.
Janice Goetz
St. Louis Missouri

Hi Bobby, picked up your book a few days ago and just finished reading it. This is a very good book and I really enjoyed reading it. They live a very interesting life in Columbia. I don't see how you made it through it and kept your sanity. The book kept me up late several nights, I just couldn't put it down. My wife has now taken the book and started reading it, she can't put it down either. I have to say, you are one hell of a "gringo".
Jason "Otis" Harris
Big O's Cycles
Clanton, Al.
I completed your book. I found it to be well written with great detail. It gave me an insight of what Columbia was like at that time. It was also a good indicator of your determination, I suspect very few would have stayed the course like you did. Years ago I authored a couple of engineering texts on energy. Now knowing how well you write about details, I would suggest you consider writing in detail about some of your performance work on Harley components. I know I would read it. Charlie McDowell

Bob, we both enjoyed your book. Jim thinks it would make a good movie. I cannot figure out how you survived all that the story entails. Sally Johnson


This is not an easy book to read because you immediately get caught up in the adventure. Bobby Wood, the writer and hero, explains every harrowing and sometimes funny detail so you feel you are there with him.

His quest to free the beautiful lady, 464 JULIET, was right out of a James Bond movie without the funky toys. He encountered danger, incarceration, strip search and greed, bribery and betrayal. A simple thing as crossing a bridge – later to be known as “The gateway to Hell” – was a major event, with Bobby being beaten and robbed. After the suitable amount of money was applied, things got a little better. He was assisted with some legal “documents” which helped pave the way somewhat, but again…..money, money and more money.

Everything he and his group of well paid “associates” did was complicated by deception, more money and threats. His methods of transportation while in Colombia were hilarious and problematic. And the food! (I wonder if Bobby ever dines on French fries and cokes anymore.)

The ending of this book will bring tears to the reader’s eyes.

Dear Bobby,
Thank you for your tension filled book that one just can't put down. The cover should read: "A TRUE STORY BY BOBBY WOOD" A professional writer could not have done it any better. If this were fiction, I would say "This is just too much". The determination, perseverance, patience, and courage you showedin overcoming resistance and corruption at every level is almost beyond imagination.
Sincerely, Jim Thorington

As a member of the aviation community I was completely pulled in to the challenging adventure of this aircraft and its journey. Mr. Wood is a determined and resourceful businessman, I never knew he was such an articulate writer. This was a book I could hardly put down, I feel as though I crossed the bridge on the way to the airfield with them on every trip, both going, and coming. I have, and will continue to, recommended this book to my Reno Air Racing friends and associates. Would love to see the story on the big screen!
Great job Bobby!
Kristi Muse,Pit Boss
Sanders Air Racing, Inc.
Jasper, Alabama

I work with Don Knighton and he allowed me to read the copy of Learjet 464 Juliet. I WAS ABOSULTELY CAPTIVATED! What an incredible story and what an incredible experience you had with this! It is truly amazing to learn things that governments can do to maintain control. I am so glad you wrote this book. One of the best I have ever read.
Mary Power
Construction Coordinator
Goodgame Company, Inc.
2311 Third Avenue South
Pell City, Alabama 35128

I just finished reading your book and have to say it was a fantastic read. The determination and guts it took, including the unending “gratuities”, to succeed was amazing. The corruption of the Columbian government and people, the real threat of ending up in a Columbian jail or dead, even the underhanded dealings of our own government kept me riveted to the book wondering what was going to happen next. What a nightmare it must have been.
Leonard Watson
San Antonio, Texas

Hi Bobby,
How amazing your book and life are! I thoroughly enjoyed every detail and the excitement of the reading. Wow...you have to be brave to be able to handle those situations. You are admirable and I will share my experience of how I enjoyed this gift you of literature. I am thinking how you have fit in all of the things you have done, and the ambition with your history. Very cool!!
This is a book that would be enjoyed by anyone. I think there should be a movie to follow with let's see...who would play you...um how about George Clooney, he needs an intense roll.

Thank you so much,
Teri Hillgartner
Always There In Home Care

This book is fast moving without a boring page in it. I applaud Bob Wood's Patience dealing with the corrupt Columbians and U.S. Government . You wouldn't expect any better in a third world country but Bob found out early on how ugly our own government can be. To me, true life is always more exciting than fiction. I highly recommend this book.

McDonough , Georgia

Hi Bobby,
This book is amazing! So incredibly well written! I was glued to every page!The suspense and drama were incredible! Fascinating story, and you made the characters so vivid I felt like I was right there in the thick of it all. You are a genius, but the real hero, or heroine, however, is your beautiful wife, Terry. She deserves immense credit for not only holding down the fort while you were away so often, but, honestly for standing by you with what I thought sounded like a crazy, impossibly dream. Thank you for sharing 464Juliet with me! I feel like I've been on quite a journey with the Wood family!
Cheryl Layton
LeVian, Inc.

Wow. . Most days I look forward to getting home from work to see my wife. For a week I couldn't wait to get home to open this book. It takes you from highs to lows in a split second, just as if you're in Columbia with Bobby.The evening I finished reading the final chapter I was exausted from feeling the frustrations just as if I had been there with him. He has to be one of the most determined men on the planet and I doubt failure has ever been mentioned with his name. My hopes are to some day meet Mr. Wood and his wife Terry. I can't imagine the worries she must have went through during this ordeal. Another hope is that Bobby will consider writing a book about his drag racing carrer. That would also be a good read.
Terry Yonts
Harley Davidson of PikevillePikeville, Kentucky

Hi Bobby
Thanks for the great reading. like your products you put out a great book. I personally have not read a book in years ,but once i started reading i could not put it down. what do you have next for us, can't wait.

I just finished reading your book. Fantastic, I really was glued to every page. I found myself getting pissed off at the entire BS that you encountered. WOW. You pulled if off. How’s Rual doing. And have you ever heard from Aldo again? What a character he was. Did Donado”s boys ever make there dream come true? Anyway just wanted to tell you thanks for the book and the best Performance parts available.
Best regards,
Kelly Obrien

Imagine my surprise when a voice I hadn't heard for thirty some years calls about 9pm a couple weeks ago, and this southern drawl starts talking about some old airplane from three decades ago. I've been flying professionally since 1968 and flying corporate jets since 1976 when I got my first jet job (Lear 23s and 24s) at a place called Jet Avia in Las Vegas.

My head is so full of old guys and old airplanes and old flying stories that it took me a few minutes to realize to whom I was talking. Really, all he had to mention was Colombia, then it was all crystal clear and my memory bank rebooted and it was just like July, 1980 again, the first time I met Bobby Wood.

You came to Vegas Bobby, searching for answers to a long list of problems you were having in your recovery of 464J. You thought that maybe because I had been on the crew that took her down there to Santa Marta, and then spent 52 days as an involuntary guest of the Colombian government, I could open some doors or at least clarify some points for you. I don't think our conversation revealed anything brand new to the story, but might have shed some light on some of the relationships among the flight crew, paramedics, Jimmy Chagra and Jerry Wilson.

Thank you Bobby, for bringing me up to date and for the book. Your constant praise for the support of your wife and family hit home to me. I could not have put up with all the Colombian mañana business and B.S. without the constant support of my wife Barbara and Jet Avia and all my pilot friends in Las Vegas.
Steve Bolling
Las Vegas
March 16, 2013

Bobby, you have the tenacity of a pit-bull and I’d want you in my corner for sure. I started reading and couldn’t put the book down. My wife left for work about 9 and there I was in the recliner and she got home at 5 and there I was still in the recliner till I finished about 7. I don’t think I would want to play poker with you, seems you have a hell of a gift to read folks. You are a man who’s been blessed with many gifts and has made use of them. You can add story teller and writer to that gift list. I hope someone picks this up and makes a movie from it because it would sure make a good one if they didn’t screw it up. Thanks for a day well spent!
John Bradshaw

Bobby-- Thanks for the opportunity to accompany you on this journey through your book. Very good read---- what an adventure this must have been. 464 Juliet is a real page turner, you don't know what's going to come up next. I can only imagine what it must have been like to actually experience it. Great book---one of the few books I have re-read.
Jim Rayer

Bobby Wood -
Greetings from Ky.
I am a 76 yr old mother of four - grandmother of seven, great grandmother of two and very physically active. However, I had to slow down the past 3 wks waiting diagnosis of a right knee ailment??? Since my physical activity has been limited, I have been reaching for all reading literature. My son, James, recently received an order from Wood Performance. Enclosed was your novel - "Lear Jet 464 Juliet" - I picked it up and was able to finish reading the book in two days.

I was so "into" the content it was difficult to put the book down. Such suspense - wanting to know exactly how this novel would end. I predicted all of you would be framed and have to spend some time in prison. What a great novel!
Thanks so much for the personal touch of "Wood Performance".
Believe in God - Believe in yourself - Make it happen!
Comments from
Mary White
3012 Klonway Dr.
Louisville, KY 40220

Dear Bobby,
I absolutely loved your book. I could not put it down. If I did. I picked it right back up!
Great job!
Tim Conway Reno Nv

Bobby, I knew from the first time you told me the story about 464juliet that it would be a hell-of-a-book and it was. I could not believe the detail of the squaller the people lived in but you brought it to life. I couldn’t help but laugh at all the hand-outs that were requested from you. It was very fitting for the little man who came running across the runway as you were departing Columbia, just wanted a handout. A great book Bobby.
I hope a movie is made of this book, it would be great.
Charles Ford

Hi Bob,
Great story ... a testament to perseverance, ingenuity and fortitude. I spent the whole book engaged in your efforts and appreciating the support and patients of your wife Terry. Definitely movie material.
David Young

Great story I could not put it down until I was finished absolutely loved it. Crazy what went on in order for you to get that plane. Thank you so much for the insight. This should be a movie!!!
Best to you,
Tamra Johnson
Surrey B.C.

I just finished the book and enjoyed every page of hair-raising adventure. I will pass it along to my pilot friends now so they too can get into this exciting chase. At the end, I wanted to see you confront ALDO with his conniving ways and to see how you resolved that. Also, what did you do about all the Columbians who wanted and fully expected to get into "the BUSINESS" with you? Was it worth all you had to go thru?
Keith Hutchinson

Learjet 464 Juliet rates among the top five most memorable books I have read,ever. The book is engaging as well as inspirational from page one to the last page,the outcome never certain. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Bob Wood as yet,but one can gain insight into the character,intellect and strong will of the man from reading his book. Lessons can be learned from this account,one of which is that the more significant the goal,the harder it is to achieve. The hard goals are also the most satisfying when you finally get there. I thank Bob Wood for sharing the experiences of he and his team while on the quest for his Holy Grail, 464 Juliet.
Chris Hand
Hand's Performance Motorcycles,
Jasper, Al.

Congratulations on the book. I am not a big book person. This was fantastic. From the book, I feel we we're whittled from the same hard headed nut. I could have never accomplished what you did. I would be dead or still there in prison. Such dogged passion and commitment. When I had to put the book down, I couldn't wait to get back to it, to see what they threw at you next. I feel certain I am not the 1st to say it but, AttA Boy. Great read.
Dale Patterson
Saint Claire hanger mate

N464J is a nonstop thriller which leaves the reader in suspense as Bobby Wood searches for an honorable citizen in a culture completely bereft of law. Through the trials and tribulations that face Mr. Wood throughout this novel, his story gives a unique insight into Columbian culture and the means one must go through to take on a corrupt system, all while staying true to your morals and values.I recommend this book to anyone seeking a better understanding of ways to deal with an unfamiliar foreign culture, and to adventuress aviators in search of exciting flight experiences in very dangerous regions of the world. It would be our great pleasure to see this unique story turned into a feature film, and I plan to recommend this book to each of our pilots here!
Justin W. Biassou | Donor Relations Specialist
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Foundation
Keeping Pilots Safe. Safeguarding the future of GA
421 Aviation Way | Frederick, Maryland 21701

Mr. Woods, I want to thanks you for sending me your book with my lifter order. While I used to be a very avid reader it had been years since I sat down and took the time to read a book cover to cover in such a short period of time. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and found it very difficult to put down. I lost myself back into 1980, and all that was happening to you on your day by day adventure, and when I read that you got to eat your favorite breakfast with your family on my birthday it took me back to what I did the day I turn 18 in 1980. Thanks for the memory's and thanks for bringing me out of my slump as I am now looking for another book to sink myself into.
Yours truly
Stuart Lucas

Thank you again for sharing your book....
Since I knew you and worked with you when we were both much younger, i had no problem visualizing you in this environment... This is a great story. After reading it, I think the word "impossible" needs to be stricken from the dictionary.
My God bless you.
Jim Fike
Granger, IN

Good Day Bobby,
Thank you for your book 464 Juliet and for sharing your incredible experience. It’s been 25 years since I’ve read a real book and must say it was well worth the wait. It’s very inspiring for one man to have the will and True American Spirit to conquer against all odds the corruption and politics, yet Walk Tall & come home victorious. I appreciated the detailed accounts of the real life characters and your description of each & everyone of them, good and bad. I felt by the time I read to the final chapter that I could identify each personality and it made me feel a real connection with yourself. In today’s world of make believe reality TV shows & movies it leaves most people starving to watch or read a true life experience of a man with a plan and a plane. Great Job!
It was a honor and a pleasure to read your book and even more so to meet you briefly last summer.
Lonnie D Hamm
Territory Manager
Hillsboro, Ks

Hi Bobby & Terry,
I do not read a lot of books, but this one I just could not put down. It's an amazing story of shear determination and refusal to accept defeat in such unpredictable & dangerous surroundings, but with faith & prayer, you overcame so many challenges and brought government corruption to light. To you and Terry, we thank you for the signed copy of 464 Juliet and it would be great to see a movie in the near future.
Thanks again, take care
Steve and Shirley Ager
Ontario, Canada

Just want to let you know how fantastic this book is. I am a slow reader and it took me 2 weeks to finish the book. I could not wait to get home each day after work to read more. Very exciting book! The list of questions I had for you after I finished the book was long I know. You answered every one I had and the ones you could not answer I perfectly understood that lots of information is "need to know only" for various reasons.
This is the best book I have read in 20 years, hands down!With all the questions I had, and I know others have, I hereby declare that we have a follow-on book!Again, congratulations on an amazing book and I hope we continue our friendship for years to come.
Trussville, AL
Pilot - N20621 - KPLR
Ex-Special Forces Officer, Airborne
Jeff Bryant

I truly enjoyed the book. I was involved in Lear (23,24,25,35 and 55) flight training and charter for several years in the mid 70’s before ending up with Continental Airlines in ops management and training. Your story brought back memories of my own while flying in Africa and the Far East. I found your comments about the callousness and “Nazi like behavior” of our own bureaucracies to be prophetic. I spend a good deal of my editorial efforts challenging todays abuses coming from inside the beltway, where I lived and worked for four years. Good read!
Best regards,
Ed Downs
Sales & Marketing Manager
Editor Industry and Government Affairs.
In Flight USA Magazine

This was a fascinating book that had me looking forward to each next moment that I would have to read it further. It is a well written book that is riddled with continual twists and turns that allows the reader to feel the ups and downs that Bob Wood faced in his attempt to succeed where others had failed. The deeds and wrongdoings of those involved in the confiscation of N464J is astounding and unexpected. It is an interesting look at the corruption and evil that stem from the drug trade and how a few well intentioned men with character can defeat the system. The ending of the book remained in question the whole time and yet I refused to read forward. Very enjoyable.
Mark Davis
ATP Pilot - Austin, TX

Bob, I must say that this was a book that kept me captivated and intrigued. Every time I put it down, I began wondering what the next twist and turn of your adventure would be. I truly anticipated the next reading session. I believe this colorful account of your relentless pursuit, to free Juliet and bring her back home, is a testament to your dedication and perseverance to right the wrongs. The ability to acclimate and “speak the language of” the criminals you dealt with is an absolute credit to the “common horse sense” American way. No BS, no holds barred! You did what you had to do, and I respect that! I don’t believe that machines have souls, BUT if they did, you would be Juliet’s “knight in shining armor”! Thank you for a truly rewarding read. Appreciatively,
Lee Bomar
Maverick Harley-Davidson

Bobby, I don't read a lot of novels, but when I started reading 464 Juliet I could not put the book down. I could not wait to read the next chapter. As I was reading it, I felt as if I were with you the whole time. You did a great job with this book and I definitely think this could be an awesome movie!
Stephen Wilson
Cintas Corporation

I got your book after buying a set of cams. It was awesome. Hard to put down. Hated to finish. It is amazing how you described the details of each day. I have to admit you are one tough hombre. The way you told the details of your emotions as Juliet took off and flew were incredible. I could hear her engines and feel the thrust. Then when she leveled off I could here the silence as she glided to freedom. Terry, thanks for asking if I wanted to read it. It is better than any other books fiction or non fiction I've read. It would make a great movie.
What ever happened to 465 Juliet?
ps. 103 9.9:1. Cnc heads. 888 cams. 99hp. 104fpt

Best Regards,
Larry Brock

I just finished reading Learjet 464 Juliet. Once I started reading the story, I couldn't put the book down. It has been a long time since I have been able to find a book that will keep me interested in it long enough to finish and your story has done the trick. I think that it is a well told story that reads more like a drama than a nonfiction novel. Congratulations on your success in getting it out. I would be interested in hearing what happened to it after you got it home, what it took to get it fully repaired and where she is now.

Daryn Wilbur

The UPS man held up the package and pointed excitedly "Look there's an airplane on the box." UPS people don't get easily impressed by boxes but did by this one, containing the book Learjet 464Juliet . That was the first indication I was in for another ride with Bobby Wood. My mind drifted back 34 years and I told him "I flew that very plane one time, It was the greatest day of my life''. "Wow" he said as he took another look before returning to his deliveries. As a flight instructor and charter pilot at Bobby Wood's Air Unlimited I knew I would enjoy the book (it was after the plane was recovered and restored I got to fly her). I was stunned after reading a few chapters. This book is so well written that anyone, not just pilots or aviation buffs will find it thrilling and spellbinding. Bobby Wood doesn't just tell a story, he takes you on a journey. As you read you'll feel like you've had the experience of going to save Learjet 464 Juliet with him. Unfortunately Air Unlimited didn't last long after Bobby Wood sold it but its legacy flies on. A good number of airline pilots flying today started their career when they walked in the door at Air Unlimited, Inc. to take their first flying lesson. This is one book you won't be able to put down till you've read the last word than I suspect you'll also say--Wow!
David Feeney

Absolutely one of the best novels I've ever read! Impossible to put down, I can't wait for the movie! Coming soon I hope?
Mike Farrell
Brush Creek Cycles

Hi Bob,
I would like to thank you for sore eyes and losing a nights sleep. Oh, and also for the book. It was a pleasure to meet you at the V-twin expo. I was the air traffic controller you talked to for a minute. The book is exceptional, I am a book junky, and sometimes beta reader for a couple authors, I don't blow smoke up anybody ass as my dad always says. I wish I hadn't blown all my money in the bike business, I would try to find someway to invest in the Bobby Wood story. Truth is truly stranger than fiction, you can't make this shit up.There has to be movie in this! I will be investing in a few books. I never had the pleasure of flying a 24, but, I flew a 25 once, and a 35 a few times, I was bad about over speeding and making the stick shaker go off,lol, it can only leave me imagining what flying a modern fighter would be like. I looked up the call sign, and saw you now have a C182, I am guessing after all you went through, you had to have a place in your heart for the call sign. I was very curious as to what you ended up doing with the Lear, did you have to salvage it? Sell it? Charter it out? Anyway, great story, great book, congratulations.
Warmest Regards,
Mike Guy

What a intriguing story you have actually lived Bobby! First off, I was so caught up in knowing that all this is a true story. So much adventure! So many reasons to give up but it’s like, that is what made you push even harder. The manana syndrome would have definitely been the breaking point for most but, not Bobby Wood! I was truly on the edge of my seat thru the book and would love to see this as a movie! (with the right direction and actors of course) This ain’t no Lifetime movie LOL I’m so glad you were able to survive all the craziness and write about it! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK!
Such an honor to get to know about your history.
See ya in the cinema hopefully soon!
Nita Silberstein (Cincinnati)

Thanks so much for your book. Your excellent writing style captures the attention and transports the reader to the scene. I can’t imagine having to live through this experience. You display great fortitude and commitment to your goal, as well as a deep understanding of people and how to get things done.
Wishing you all the best,
Randall Richards
Project Engineer
Aviation Team
Office: 256-534-5512

Bob, Excellant riveting book. Haven't read a book in 15 years. Could not put down. Thanks for the hours of entertainment!
Matthew Robinson

Hi Bobby, I absolutely loved your book. I couldn’t stop reading it. In fact, I would like to buy a couple more for a couple of my friends. This would make a really good movie. It would keep people on the edges of their seats for sure. I think everybody who has read this book will agree.
Thanks again. J.D.
Scott Martin
Fast Bikes Inc.

Just finished the book. The book was much better than I anticipated. I typically don’t make the commitment to read a full book, but I couldn’t stop (and didn’t want to) once I started reading. Thanks for sharing your incredible story.
David Chambers

What a great story. Must be one heck of a memory! Would make a great movie.
Steve Kurzawski
Ontario, Canada

Hello Bobby,
Just finished your book. As an airline pilot myself, I couldn’t put the book down. Even at 35,000 feet. I finished it in under two days. I’m surprised it hasn’t been turned into a movie yet. I highly recommend it to all my friends. God bless!
Frank Rosinski

I too found myself unable to put this book down and finished it in just a couple of days. A wonderful and exciting adventure from the start. The story just keeps on getting better as the cast of unscrupulous characters grows. It reminded me so of a 1940’s black and white crime movie. And the only person qualified for the lead would have to have been Humphrey Bogart. I don’t know much about Mr. Wood other than his kind gesture to me and his accomplishments that speak for themselves. Mr. Woods’s obsession with Learjet 464 Juliet shows one man’s determination to get what he wants as he apparently has his whole life. The corruption with the Colombian government and the locals show a culture of having very little but willing to do anything to get something. The abusive power there is well known. But interestingly enough, Mr. Wood, with a suitcase full of money, was able to wield some power of his own. But I did worry several times when the obsession of gaining the plane started to evolve into some troubling discussions. The possible deal of stealing the plane was troubling as who could trust the military there. And most concerning, the conspiracy of planning an arson bombing on foreign soil. Obviously Mr. Woods’s faith in GOD kept him alive and, with his family’s support, results that were most acceptable. I would certainly see the movie, even if it is in color.
Kevin Scott

I haven't read a book in awhile but this one is full of suspense. Your writing style is captivating and puts the reader in the drivers seat. I had no idea that your life was more than racing and cams but here it is in a very good read. Hell ya they should make it into a movie and I want to be in it when they do. Thanks again for the book which was a rare surprise! Also thanks for the wonderful cutting edge hardware on my bikes.
Keep it up Mr. Woods!
Michael D. Jones

What a suspenseful story. At first, I had read a few pages of the book, but I stopped due to other priorities. After a few weeks, I began to watch the TV series "Narcos" and I began to learn about the drug trafficking life that occurred during the late 70's and 80's. I wasn't aware during that time since I was less then ten years old. I went back to reading your book again, and I couldn't stop reading it. There was so much detail in the story and I was stunned on the way Columbia operated. Throughout the chapters, I just kept on saying to myself, "Bobby had some balls. I would have never done that, especially being a Gringo in Columbia". Anyways, this was a great book which made me tear up at the end. I hope to God that some movie producer would read your book and put it on a big screen. I can't see any other movie out there to be as good as your story. You just can't make that s*!t up. Your fan and 555 cam customer,
Frank Tolgyesi

Bobby, 464J sure was a page turner. I couldn’t put it down. Having flown Gulfstreams around the planet for 25 years, I’ve run in to a few “lightweight” scams I could always handle with a few well placed $20’s.
You’re one tenacious SOB and your bride is a Saint!
Thanks for the signed book and the great cams.
Ross Lavely

I really enjoyed the book. It was hard to put it down. It is a great combination of adventure and suspense, all rolled into one. The government corruption, the “business”, and the shear amount of money changing hands both at home and abroad is unbelievable. The writing was outstanding, the book flowed well, and the suspense was there right until the very end. Great job!
George Gray, President
Gray Realty & Auction, Inc.
6877-A Gadsden Highway
Trussville, AL 35173
Phone: 205-531-6247

Hi Bobby, I just finished reading N464J I could not put it down. What a career you have had.You have come a long way from Robinson Elementary School. I am proud to have known you.
Sonny Hearn

Learjet 464 Juliet is a fabulous book. If the book had been fiction, I would have admired the author for his inventive ways to continually build the suspense about getting the plane out. Since the book is non-fiction I have to admire the author for having the stamina and intestinal fortitude to continue his mission in the face of so many obstacles. I enjoyed every page and hope that someone will consider this book for a movie, it would be great.
Thanks, Bobby for a great read!
Wolfgang Hase
Eagle Point, OR

Hey Bobby, just wanted to send you a thank you for your book N464J.. I can say I'm not one for reading many books, i do the occasional audio books just because they take me forever to get through. This book was an exception. I started reading it while out camping and could not put the book down.. I can relate to a lot of the information as military member who flew many missions on Air Force learjets identical to this plane.. It will keep you glued to your seat wondering what is going to happen next; is he going to make it out alive, what about his family back home, he's going back AGAIN.... what's he thinking... A wonderful account of the behind the scenes dealing with other countries and the foreigners amongst them.. AMAZING.!
Thanks Bobby for sharing your story.
John Hennard

Bobby, just finished your book. Two thumbs up! It was awesome! I felt like I was right there watching it unfold. I Should be embarrassed to say this but your book is the first complete read I’ve done in 20 years. I couldn’t put it down. Going to fly over sometime with Otis and have you sign it if you will.
Troy Rutherford

Bobby, this is one well written, CAPTIVATING book! Learjet 464 Juliet had me sitting on the edge of my seat, leaning forward and wishing I could read faster to find out what was happening next! This would not only be a great movie, but should be required reading for any government class! Learjet 464 Juliet goes in my “Keepers” section of my personal library!!
Job well done, Bobby!!
Steve Fair

Hey Bob. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. I’m one who rarely reads, but when I find a good book there is nothing more satisfying. When the book is as well written as yours, I’ll read it cover to cover without stopping. I much prefer true stories and events that really happened, to fiction. When I knew the events in your book really happened, and the characters were real, I was hooked. Your book is written in a way that made me feel, (no matter how incredible the circumstances), like I was there. That what a good book does, it makes the reader feel locked-in, you can’t get out until the ride is over. And when the time comes, you don’t want the ride to be over. Now when the subject of a good book comes up in conversation, I say wait just a minute, I have one for you. I’ve loaned your book to several family members and friends, they all remark what a good book it is. One friend (a pilot) liked it so much I let him keep it, and I got another for myself. I hope you write more.
Best Regards,
Fred Greene
Dallas, North Carolina

Bobby, what an awesome book. I couldn’t put it down. How did you and Terry keep your sanity? I have already loaned the book to our daughter & her husband. I know they will love it as I did. I wish it would be made into a movie. Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to read this book. It’s one of the very best I have ever read. Thank you.
Have a great day!
Anne Butler, Rainbow City, Alabama

I was the Chief Pilot for the company that was managing N464J when it was grabbed by the Columbian government and the crew jailed. So, I can tell you Mr. Woods has written a critically accurate story. Mr. Woods story-telling ability kicks this story to a very high level of interest for the reader. HAving also flown in and out of Columbia many, many times, I can also tell you that this story right on the money regarding having to deal with Columbian authorities. My final comment is, once you start reading this book, make sure you have enough uninterupted time to finish because you will not be able to put it down. I promise.
Jim Worden

This was a fascinating book that had me looking forward to each next moment that I would have to read it further. It is a well written book that is riddled with continual twists and turns that allows the reader to feel the ups and downs that Bob Wood faced in his attempt to succeed where others had failed. The deeds and wrongdoings of those involved in the confiscation of N464J is astounding and unexpected. It is an interesting look at the corruption and evil that stem from the drug trade and how a few well intentioned men with character can defeat the system. The ending of the book remained in question the whole time and yet I refused to read forward. Very enjoyable..

Great book Bobby! The man that pulled off the impossible. All done above board by the numbers. Anyone that has spent any time at all down South knows it's all about the dinero. And that manana stuff makes you want to strangle somebody. I was really rooting for you and 464J half way through the book. It became apparent your adventure turned into a crusade. Kudos to you and your wife who must've been a nervous wreck. I think she committed fully after the care package she packed for you.
God bless you Bobby.
John Payne

A thrilling flight into the frightening corruption and poverty of drug smuggling of Columbia in the seventies. It is an amazing accurate detailed account of Mr Wood’s harrowing adventure that will have you eagerly turning the next page to see if Juliet finds freedom, and if Mr Wood makes it out alive!
Lisa Ingram

LEARJET 464 Juliet … … the human condition ... exposed throughout one man’s seemingly innocent infatuation with an abandoned airplane ... turned upside down / inside out into the dark mystique of an international underworld of drugs, politics, greed … but there are lights along the way … A first-hand account of overcoming adversity and playing out “the hand you’ve been dealt” with an unwavering confidence in the divine necessary to reach the end …
To those not familiar … Read the book and you’ll understand. But a warning … once you start you can’t put it down!
Allan Masse